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I have been involved in cryptocurrencies on a daily basis since 2014. So I am not a theoretician who watches a few YouTube videos and then pretends to be the biggest expert on everything:)
Secure use of cryptocurrencies is my specialty.
I actively use cryptocurrencies, and I meet users every day who are involved in them, whether as regular users, investors or investment fund operators.

Do you plan to invest in cryptocurrencies and are not sure if you can protect them well?

Or has the value of your cryptocurrencies increased more than you expected due to a good investment and things are getting serious?:)

Have you also thought about how your loved ones would access your cryptocurrencies if something happened to you?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies but want to get some, have a cryptocurrency fund, an exchange or have cryptocurrencies just for yourself.

Schedule a consultation and we can discuss together