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How long it can take to crack your password?

Last updated on 19. 12. 2018

How long will your password resist the so-called brute-force attack (testing all possible combinations of characters)? This tool calculates the approximate time that computers need to break the password.
This type of attack depends on the length of the password and the characters used. But it’s just one password information. If you are using any of the known or frequently used passwords, breaking is independent of the length – the computer does not pass through a combination of characters, but tries each password.

Password length:
Lowercase letters
Uppercase letters
Special characters
Graphic cards


Basic rules for safer password

  • As long as possible
  • Upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters
  • Random
  • Unique for each service
How to?
  • Password generator
  • Diceware
  • Password manager
  • Multifactor authentication
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