Basic digital security course for common users

Learn to protect yourself!

You don’t have to know what phishing is, or ransomware, VPN or AES. Still you can learn how to protect yourself and your device against threats which are lurking in the online world.

Attackers are always looking for the weakest spot. And the main target isn’t the IT department of a company, but the regular users.

The user is being told not to open suspicious attachments from emails, to change the password every three months, which must contain upper and lower cases, three numbers and twelve Chinese characters.

However, no one can advise the user how to do it correctly.

What you will learn:

  • Who hackers are and what techniques they are using;
  • How to secure your online accounts (e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others) against theft;
  • How to create passwords … and why not to use them 🙂
  • How to secure your cell phone;
  • How to get different login credentials for each service that you use;
  • How to communicate in a secure and totally encrypted manner on the Internet;
  • How to store your private or business documents, photos and other files, so that no one else would get them.
    …and much more.

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