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Killswitch pro Linux

Občas se může hodit možnost rychle vypnout počítač. Zde jsou dva příklady, jak to udělat.

8 tipů pro digitálně bezpečnější dovolenou

Období dovolených může být rizikové nejen kvůli možným úrazům při sportovních aktivitách, ale i pro vaše digitální zařízení. Na dovolených přicházíme o své telefony nebo notebooky častěji, než kdy jindy. Ať už je zapomeneme ve vlaku, na pláži či na fesťáku, nebo nám je někdo prostě ukradne. A nejen to, je zde i riziko, že se některé vaše informace dostanou do nepovolaných rukou. Zde je několik rad, jak toto riziko snížit.

Lost or stolen phone/computer

The vast majority of our devices are now portable. In the past, we used computers and telephones that we had at home or in the office and that never left these spaces. Today everything is different. We carry laptops from place to place, go with them on business trips and on holiday. Obviously, it's absolutely true about phones. This increases the risk of losing or stealing these devices. And because the person who has just found out that he has lost his device often panicking (it's a very stressful situation) and in the first moments is unable to calmly realize what needs to be done, it is good to have these steps ready. Here is the checklist

Be careful with Chrome on your Android phone


New type of attack uses the features of Chrome on Android phones, which hide the address bar when the user scrolls the page down. The address will reappear when you…

VPN – Protecting Your Communication and Salvation for the European Internet?

In connection with the adoption of the new European legislation known as Article 13/17, which introduces new regulations for Internet content providers, more talks about VPN have become a tool that will allow the Internet to continue to be used without restriction in Europe How can it help not only in finding content on the Internet and how it can help protect your private or corporate communications?

Unhackable car alarm


According to their creators, Troy was impregnable, Titanic was unsinkable, and Pandora’s car alarm was unhackable. However, someone (or something) appears to be brave enough to accomplish the impossible. The…